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May 2023


The primary objective of this project was to create an immersive augmented reality experience simulating a virtual brain examination using the Varjo XR-3 AR headset with Unity. The aim was to provide a cutting-edge training tool for medical professionals and a research platform for further exploration.

Technology Utilized

We harnessed the advanced capabilities of the Varjo XR-3 headset and Unity to develop this simulation. The XR-3's sensors allowed us to enable users to interact with a detailed brain model, and we utilized QR markers for precise positioning of the virtual brain model in the real world.

Key Achievements

  • Created an immersive experience allowing users to interact with the brain model through rotation, scaling, and translation actions.
  • Precisely positioned the virtual brain model relative to the physical environment using QR markers.
  • Integrated eye tracking technology to make the user's gaze position visible and lower the opacity of non-focused areas, enhancing the user experience.
  • Collaborated with the team to ensure seamless integration of various features and technologies.

Skills Demonstrated

This project allowed us to showcase proficiency in 3D mathematics, game engine development using Unity, and programming in languages such as C# and C++. Furthermore, we demonstrated an adept application of Varjo VR technology to create a cutting-edge AR experience.

Team and Supervisor

I had the privilege of working with a dedicated team, including Emon Dhar, Maksim Sen, Nazim Ferrat, Nadia Medkour, Vincent Brodeur, and Zakaria-Meziane Souadda. Under the expert guidance of our supervisor Simon Drouin, we worked collaboratively to bring this project to fruition.