French Verb Conjugation React App

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ReactJs, JavaScript


Dev, UI/UX designer

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March 2023


As a passionate developer with a keen interest in language learning and technology, I embarked on a journey to combine these two realms. The result is a specialized React web application dedicated to French conjugation, designed to assist my uncle and other French language learners in mastering the complexities of verb conjugation.


It all started with my uncle's French language escapades. Verb conjugation was his nemesis. Cue the lightbulb moment! Why not build a tech bridge over his language-learning hurdles? And so, the French Verb Conjugation App was born. Visit the App

Technical Details

  • Heart of the App: ReactJS
  • Behind-the-Scenes Magic: REST API (now I use node package, because the api server is down)
  • Home on the Web: Hosted with love on Vercel


  1. User-Friendly Interface: Clean and intuitive design ensures ease of use for learners at all levels.
  2. Comprehensive Verb Database: A vast collection of French verbs, covering regular, irregular, and modal verbs across all tenses and moods.
  3. Dynamic Conjugation Tables: Real-time display of conjugation tables as the user selects different verbs and tenses.

The Journey

This project was not just about coding; it was a learning experience in understanding the intricacies of the French language and the challenges learners face. I employed ReactJS for its efficiency and flexibility in managing the app's state and components. Integrating a REST API enabled a smooth retrieval and management of verb data, ensuring a responsive and dynamic user experience.

The Outcome

The feedback from my uncle and other users has been overwhelmingly positive. It's gratifying to see how this tool is helping learners demystify French verb conjugation and gain confidence in their language skills.

What's Next on the Horizon?

  1. Quiz Mode Engage: Test your skills, rack up points, and have a blast!
  2. Track Your Triumphs: Watch your progress and pat yourself on the back.

I invite you to explore the app and welcome any feedback or suggestions: French Verb Conjugation App.